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As concrete has lately proven to be the champion in green building, many families and business owners in Irwin, PA have started using it for their business purposes. Of course, a quality concrete service is a must if you want a guarantee that your construction will stand the test of time and will provide you with the comfort, beauty and economy you wanted. Luckily, you have Perri Concrete at your service. We are a full-time concrete contractor, serving the local community since 1985. Your parents have used our services, it’s time that you test us now!

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Phone: (724) 972-9304
Address: 1221 Robbins Station Rd, Irwin, PA 15642

Services Offered and Materials Used

Our concrete materials are durable and water resistant, which will save you some money on future maintenance services. Perri Concrete’s concrete installations can withstand weather abnormalities saving you from harm. Isn’t that all you ever dreamt of – living or working in a safe environment?

If you want to get waterproof and damp-proof foundations, walls or driveways, call our concrete company and get all of your problems solved in a timely manner. We perform: 

  • New concrete sidewalkconcrete masonry
  • insulating concrete forms ( we install block, panel and plank systems to create the most appropriate insulation for your property)
  • building concrete basements
  • concrete floor installation
  • steps, driveways and sidewalks concrete work
  • wall repainting services (and application of stamped concrete)
  • accurate and safe excavation of french drains, etc.

The Concrete Technicians and Finishers Perri ConcreteWorks With

construction workers spreading concreteOur employees have undergone flat work training as well as industrial slab training and are certified to work on both residential and commercial locations. They are also fully insured and vetted for your peace of mind. If you want to test their buildingabilities today all you have to do is call (724) 972-9304 and we will send out a viewing specialist to your property for free. This is done in order to deliver you an accurate tailor-made estimate and define the time-frame for the project completion. We offer the fastest drying concrete materials on the market, so we can fit within the shortest of deadlines. Perri Concrete will never fail to amaze you with the concrete service delivered.

by Allan Boyd on Perri Concrete
Excellent service!

Their workmanship is superior. I hired Perry Concrete to build a 230 sq ft patio and walkways at my backyard. I've never imagined this can be such hassle free project. They finished the work in a timely manner and the final price was reasonable. I would like to recommend them to anyone who needs a concrete company with solid experience!

Concrete mix injectionBesides laying concrete for the first time, we can assist you in repairing your old concrete constructions after a gas, electric, water or sewer lines installation. We can even install small concrete patches to areas severely damaged by flood, an earthquake or other natural disaster. All concrete restoration work in Irwin, PAwill be done effectively with Perri Concrete. The best concrete contractor in town is now just a phone call away! Dial (724) 972-9304 now and learn how we can help you!

The benefits of a concrete floor professionally installed, are various:

  • Thai pattern cement tilesconcrete is recyclable and unlike hardwood floors, no trees will die for the purpose of floor covering,
  • concrete is energy saving, as it absorbs the heat from the sun during the winter season and can cool you down in the summer,
  • concrete floors don’t contain hazardous volatile organic compounds, like a lot of synthetic carpets, so they are a better choice if you have kids or pets running around the house.

Still not convinced about the advantages of professional concrete work? Then call Perri Concreteof Irwin, PA and learn more! We are at your service anytime! (724) 972-9304


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